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  • NZAGRC Highlights 2016

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  • Annual Report 2015

    This is the full public annual report for 2014/15

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  • Highlights 2015

    This publication summaries the NZAGRC annual report 2014/15.

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  • Annual Report 2013

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  • Annual Report 2014

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  • Annual Report 2012

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  • Annual Report 2011

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  • Highlights 2010

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    2010 science publications

    Kelliher, F. M., & Clark, H. (2010). Methane emissions from bison-An historic herd estimate for the North American Great Plains. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 150(3), 473-477. [Link to full text]

    Reisinger, A., Meinshausen, M., Manning, M., & Bodeker, G. (2010). Uncertainties of global warming metrics: CO2 and CH4. Geophys. Res. Lett., 37(14), L14707. [Link to full text

    Schott, C., Reisinger, A., & Milfont, T. (2010). Tourism and climate change: interrelationships and implications. In J. Jafari & L. A. Cai (Eds.), Tourism and the implications of Climate Change: Issues and Actions. New Delhi, India: Emerald.


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