Without engagement the NZAGRC would not exist.  Through its science programme the NZAGRC enages in science solutions but there are a number of other non-science groups that the NZAGRC engages directly.

NZAGRC Members

The NZAGRC is a membership of nine New Zealand organisations including 5 New Zealand Crown Research Institutes (CRIs), 2 New Zealand universities, 1 industry representative and the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium (PGgRc).

For information on the NZAGRC members visit Our Members

Industry Leaders

The NZAGRC works closely with the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium (PGgRc). The NZAGRC-PGgRc research programme allows engagement across the industry through the PGgRc funding partners.

The new science programme will provide new opportunities for New Zealand agriculture industry and public-sector leaders to advise on the commercialisation, strategy development, achievement against strategy and policy input quality of the Centre.

For information the NZAGRC-PGgRc research prorgamme visit Our Research.

To discuss the future direction of the NZAGRC business and science strategies, email Heather


The NZAGRC M?ori Advisory Group provides the NZAGRC with engagement opportunities for M?ori with interests in the pastoral sector.

For information on the NZAGRC MAG membership visit Our People 

RFP NZAGRC01: Mitigation options and issues for M?ori farms in Aotearoa 
Issued: December 2013 - CLOSED January 2014
Commencement of research: April 2014

Information on the research progress will be posted online when available.

Farming Community

During 2014 we have a number of engagement opportunities for the farming community. We welcome your visit to the NZAGRC in Palmerston North.

For more information email Kate


The NZAGRC enages with a global audience through the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change and the senior leaders of the NZAGRC team provide expert advice to a number of international groups, panels and governments.





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