Integrated Systems

The Centre's integrated solutions research programme concentrates initially on developing the tools needed to design novel, practical, credible and cost effective low GHG emitting farm systems. The Centre's programme of work is fully integrated with a companion programme, Farm Management and GHG Manipulation, funded by SLMACC. The Centre's work programme initially focuses in two areas: modelling enteric CH4 emissions and modelling N2O emissions from grazed pastures; modelling soil carbon processes is a focus of the soil carbon research programme. Models currently exist for both of these processes but they are either too simple to provide new insights (e.g. inventory procedures used by Overseer/Farmax) or complex, requiring input data that are unavailable, and are not validated for NZ. The development of these new improved models will rely on the work being conducted in the programmes of work on CH4, N2O and soil carbon.

Goals & Objectives

  Objective Leader Timeframe


Mechanistic modelling of enteric CH4 production

Dr David Pacheco

May 10 - Jun 13


Improved N20 Component Modelling

Dr Iris Vogeler

May 10 - Jun 13

Principal Investigators

Mr Dave Clark, DairyNZ
Dr Robyn Dynes, AgResearch 


Farming Practices Farming practices to reduce
greenhouse gases

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University of Guelph University of Manitoba
University of Melbourne University of Washington
Wageningen University


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