Low emissions farm systems for the Maori sector

The project is designed to assist Maori farmers in New Zealand to improve their collective capacity to increase resource efficiency and farm productivity while lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This involves three objectives:

1. Define the characteristics of the Maori agribusiness sector drawing on a network of 30 Maori farm entities that are representative of the main farm typologies (predominant pastoral farming systems) on Maori land;

2. Identify the key factors that underpin farm productivity, resource and emission efficiency and sustainable profitability; and

3. Identify, test and communicate a range of mitigation strategies to other Maori farms and the wider industry.

  • Report: Monitoring Greenhouse Gas Emissions


    Progress over the first year from the Low emissions farm systems for the Maori sector project includes: Development of a typology of Maori farming The collection of farm and GHG emission profiles on 29 Maori farms from around the country,...

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