Our Members & Partnerships

Our Members

The NZAGRC has nine members representing research, development, education and industry. Each member brings a unique perspective to the NZAGRC through its science capability, research leadership, research facilities and/or collaborative opportunities.

Each member provides one representative to the NZAGRC Steering Group (SG) 

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Landcare Research
Lincoln University
Massey University
Plant & Food Research

Our Partnerships 

The NZAGRC has strong partnerships with a number of organisations, which allow us to continue to provide information and opportunities to further the understanding of agricultural greenhouse gases in New Zealand.

Since 2014 the NZAGRC and PGgRc have had a single research programme and contracting mechanism for research into enteric methane to reduce administration costs and eliminate any risk of duplication while allowing the most focused investment in priority areas.

The NZAGRC is contracted to help manage the NZ Government's international collaborative research investment set up as New Zealand's contribution to the Global Research Alliance on agricultural greenhouse gases.  The NZAGRC is contracted to deliver policy and science advice, manage research contracts with a range of New Zealand and international providers. The NZAGRC also provides leadership to the GRA's Livestock Research Group.

The NZAGRC manages the LEARN Awards programme on behalf of the New Zealand Government. The LEARN Awards programme provides funding for developing country capability building through collaborations with New Zealand organisations. There is an award category for senior scientists from GRA members countries to exchange ideas with one another (one party must be New Zealand).

The NZAGRC is contracted to deliver support for a Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations project titled: "Component to reduce methane emissions from enteric fermentation, Phase 1". 

The NZAGRC Director and Deputy Director (International) have provided input into previous and the current IPCC assessment reports.

NZAGRC staff provide other science and strategic advice to a range of organisations and funding panels in New Zealand and internationally. 


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