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Emissions intensity in New Zealand agriculture has declined on average by about 1% per year since at least 1990.

However reduced emissions intensity is offset by greater production meaning increased total agricultural emissions.

Solutions are need to further reduce New Zealand's total emissions beyond 2020.

We have put together some questions and answers to give you more information on The Situation.

What's the solution?

Farmers are already part of the solution. By continuing to improve their farm efficiency they will also continue to reduce the intensity of emissions per unit of product.

But that will not stop New Zealand's total agricultural emissions from rising. The country needs practical and cost-effective tools to help it achieve economic growth targets, as well as its commitments to environmental, social and international obligations.

While the most straightforward solution would be to simply reduce agricultural production and forego growth targets, this is not something that is in the best interests of New Zealand or the sector.

So the goal is to reduce absolute emissions without sacrificing production gains.

That's where the NZAGRC & PGgRc come in...

Government & industry (and course or esteemed researchers) are working together to identify and develop additional interventions that will provide effective and practical results for 2020 and beyond.

To find out what The Solution looks like, have a look at Our Research

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