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Selected recent publications from NZAGRC-funded scientists:

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Ball, B.C., Cameron, K.C., Di, H.J. and Moore, S. (2012). Effects of trampling of a wet dairy pasture soil on soil porosity and on mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions by a nitrification inhibitor, dicyandiamide. Soil Use and Management. [Link to full text]

Chiba, M.K., Cichota, R., Vogeler, I. (2012). Can we improve interpolation of N2O emission measurements by using environmental factors? In: Advanced Nutrient Management: Gains from the Past - Goals for the Future. (Eds L.D. Currie and C L. Christensen). [Link to full text]

Jha, N., Saggar, S., Tillman, R., & Giltrap, D. (2012). Changes in denitrification rate and N2O/N2 ratio with varying soil moisture conditions in New Zealand pasture soils In: Advanced Nutrient Management: Gains from the Past - Goals for the Future. (Eds L.D. Currie and C L. Christensen). [Link to full text]

Kelliher, F. M., Condron, L. M., Cook, F. J., & Black, A. (2012). Sixty years of seasonal irrigation affects carbon storage in soils beneath pasture grazed by sheep. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 148, 29-36. [Link to full text]

Morgavi, D.P., Kelly, W.J., Janssen, P.H., & Attwood G.T. (2012). Rumen microbial (meta)genomics and its application to ruminant production. Animal available online [Link to full text]

Reisinger, A., Lawrence, J., & Hart, G. (in press). From coping to resilience: the role of managed retreat in highly developed coastal regions. In B. Glavovic, R. Kaye & M. Kelly (Eds.), Climate Change and the Coast: Building Resilient Communities. London, England: Taylor and Francis.

Van Der Weerden, T. J., Kelliher, F. M. & De Klein, C. A. M. (2012). Influence of pore size distribution and soil water content on nitrous oxide emissions. Soil Research 50(2) 125-135. [Link to full text]

Vogeler, I., Beukes, P., Romera, A. & Cichota, R. (2012). Estimating nitrous oxide emissions from a diary farm using a mechanistic, whole farm model and segregated emission factors for New Zealand. Soil Research 50 (3) 188-194 [Link to full text]


Attwood, G. T., Altermann, E., Kelly, W. J., Leahy, S. C., Zhang, L., & Morrison, M. (2011). Exploring rumen methanogen genomes to identify targets for methane mitigation strategies. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 166-167, 65-75. [Link to full text]

Buddle, B. M., Denis, M., Attwood, G. T., Altermann, E. H., Janssen, P. H., Ronimus, R. S., et al. (2011). Strategies to reduce methane emissions from farmed ruminants grazing on pasture. The Veterinary Journal, 188, 11-17. [Link to full text]

Calvelo Pereira, R., Kaal, J., Camps Arbestain, M., Pardo Lorenzo, R., Aitkenhead, W., Hedley, M., et al. (2011). Contribution to characterisation of biochar to estimate the labile fraction of carbon. Organic Geochemistry, 42(11), 1331-1342. [Link to full text]

Clark, H., Kelliher, F. M., & Pinares-Patiño, C. S. (2011). Reducing CH4 emissions from grazing ruminants in New Zealand: challenges and opportunities. Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Science, 24, 295-302. [Link to full text]

de Klein, C. A. M., Cameron, K. C., Di, H. J., Rys, G., Monaghan, R. M., & Sherlock, R. R. (2011). Repeated annual use of the nitrification inhibitor dicyandiamide (DCD) does not alter its effectiveness in reducing N2O emissions from cow urine. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 166-167, 480-491. [Link to full text]

J.L. Ellis, J. Dijkstra, A. Bannink, A.J. Parsons, S. Rasmussen, G.R. Edwards, E. Kebreab & J. France (2011) The effect of high-sugar grass on predicted nitrogen excretion and milk yield simulated using a dynamic model. Journal of Dairy Science, 94(6), 3105-3118. [Link to full text]

Ludemann, C., Byrne, T., Sise, J., & Amer, P. (2011). Potential for NZ farmers to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions through genetic selection tools. 18th International Farm Managment Congress, Methven, Canterbury, New Zealand [Link to full text]

Luo J., Ghani A., Ding W., Saggar S. (2011) Effects of biochar on nitrogen transformations and denitrification enzyme activity in a grazed pasture soil - a laboratory study. In: International symposium on biochar research, development & application, Pp 6-7. Nanjing, China. October 10-15 2011.

Manning, M., & Reisinger, A. (2011). Broader perspectives for comparing different greenhouse gases. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 369(1943), 1891-1905. [Link to full text]

Manning, M., & Reisinger, A. (2011). The Science of Climate Change, its Potential Impacts and Global Response Options. In A. Cameron (Ed.), Climate Change Law and Policy in New Zealand. Wellington, NZ: LexisNexis.

Mudge, P.L., Wallace, D.F., Rutldge, S., Campbell, D.I., Schipper, L.A. & Hosking, C.L. (2011). Carbon balance of an intensively grazed temperate pasture in two climatically contrasting years. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 144(1), 271-280. [Link to full text]

Orwin, K. H., Kirschbaum, M. U. F., St John, M. G., & Dickie, I. A. (2011). Organic nutrient uptake by mycorrhizal fungi enhances ecosystem carbon storage: a model-based assessment. Ecology Letters, 14(5), 493-502. [Link to full text]

Parsons, A. J., Rowarth, J. S., Thornley, J. H. M., & Newton, P. C. D. (2011). Primary production of grasslands, herbage accumulation and use, and impacts of climate change. In G. Lemaire, J. Hodgson & A. Chabbi (Eds.), Grasslands Productivity and Ecosystems: CAB International.

Parsons A.J., Rowarth, J.S., Rasmussen, S. (2011) High Sugar Grasses. CAB Reviews: Perspectives in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Natural Resources, 2011, 6, No. 046.

Pinares-Patiño, C. S., McEwan, J. C., Dodds, K. G., Cárdenas, E. A., Hegarty, R. S., Koolaard, J. P., et al. (2011b). Repeatability of methane emissions from sheep. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 166-167(Greenhouse Gas Special Issue), 210-218. [Link to full text]

Reisinger, A. (2011). Interdisciplinarity: are we there yet? Climatic Change, 108: 23-30. [Link to full text]

Reisinger, A., Meinshausen, M., & Manning, M. (2011). Future changes in global warming potentials under representative concentration pathways. Environmental Research Letters, 6(2). [Link to full text]

Reisinger, A., Wratt, D., & Allan, S. (2011). The role of local government in adapting to climate change: lessons from New Zealand. In J. D. Ford & L. Berrang-Ford (Eds.), Climate change adaptation in developed nations. From theory to practice. Toronto, Canada: Springer.

Schon N.L. and MacKay A.D. (2011) Production of two brochures: Pasture earthworms and A guide to beneficial pasture soil invertebrates. [Link to documents]

Schon N.L., Mackay A.D., Gray R.A. and Minor M.A. (2011). Earthworms in New Zealand sheep- and dairy-grazed pastures with focus on anecic Aporrectodea longa. Pedobiologia, 54, Supplement, 29 December 2011, Pages S131-S137 [Link to full text]

Shafer, S. R., Walthall, C. L., Franzluebbers, A. J., Scholten, M., Meijs, J., Clark, H., et al. (2011). Emergence of the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases. Carbon Management, 2(3), 209-214. [Link to full text]


Kelliher, F. M., & Clark, H. (2010). Methane emissions from bison-An historic herd estimate for the North American Great Plains. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 150(3), 473-477. [Link to full text]

Reisinger, A., Meinshausen, M., Manning, M., & Bodeker, G. (2010). Uncertainties of global warming metrics: CO2 and CH4. Geophys. Res. Lett., 37(14), L14707. [Link to full text]

Schott, C., Reisinger, A., & Milfont, T. (2010). Tourism and climate change: interrelationships and implications. In J. Jafari & L. A. Cai (Eds.), Tourism and the implications of Climate Change: Issues and Actions. New Delhi, India: Emerald.

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