Jon’s role at NZAGRC is connecting New Zealand’s science expertise with the global effort to deliver climate change solutions through agriculture. Science and its contribution to greater food security has never been more important in a world additionally challenged by the pandemic, economic uncertainty and entrenched poverty.

Jon co-chairs the Livestock Research Group of the Global Research Alliance for Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA), providing strategic advice and leadership, and oversees the NZAGRC's wider work in the GRA. 

He has a BSc in Agricultural Systems, an MSc researching transhuman pastoral systems in East Africa and a PhD on the sustainable intensification of smallholder crop/livestock farming in Southeast Asia. Jon worked as a scientist at the International Livestock Research Institute on crop/livestock/environment interactions in countries spanning West and East Africa, South and Southeast Asia.

Jon has also been Livestock Advisor to the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), where his role took him to many developing countries assisting with DFID’s investments in agricultural development for the world’s poorest communities in conjunction with the World Bank, European Commission, World Trade Organization, UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the African Union. Jon was subsequently Head of Agricultural Policy for the Environment Agency in Wales and International Director at the New Zealand Ministry of Research, Science and Technology. 

More recently, Jon has been CEO of two New Zealand industry bodies - in agriculture and forest products – at the interface between industry and government on issues ranging from research and development for industry, labour relations, international trade deals, standard-setting, private certification systems and wider international affairs.