Future Farm Systems

Farm systems are continually evolving to meet changing priorities. Future farm systems may look very different to those of today due to the increased emphasis on environmental outcomes. What will low-emissions primary production look like in New Zealand and what research might be required to support that?

Research priorities

Since 2010, the NZAGRC has maintained an Integrated Solutions programme (previously called ‘Integrated Farm Systems’). Research was focused on demonstrating profitable, practical and low-greenhouse gas emitting sheep, beef and dairy farm systems, including:

Farmer standing in paddock with dogs

New Zealand sheep and beef farmer

  • Gathering data and modelling practice-change scenarios to better understand the drivers of greenhouse gas emissions on dairy and sheep and beef farms, and the system-wide impacts of potential mitigations.
  • Developing a behavioural change extension programme for dairy farmers in partnership with DairyNZ.

Increasingly, this type of work is now led by industry, leaving room for the NZAGRC to pivot the Integrated Solutions programme towards more future-focused research. Work is underway to identify priorities in this area and design a new research programme. More information will be available in due course.