Manure management

While methane emissions from livestock manure management make up a small proportion of New Zealand’s total emissions, research will examine the potential of overseas practices and technologies to reduce such emissions from New Zealand farms.

Current projects

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Most of the methane emitted during livestock manure management comes from waste stored in collection ponds. See The science of methane for more information on the practices and processes that lead to methane production from stored waste.

In many countries, stored waste is a significant source of emissions and considerable research into mitigation options has been undertaken. Practices and technologies currently in use include covering the ponds to capture methane and convert it into electricity, using methane-consuming bio-filters, and oxygenating the stored manure to prevent methane production.

NZAGRC-led work will re-examine these initiatives to assess their technical and economic potential for reducing emissions from waste under New Zealand conditions. Information gained from this review will guide future research.