Nitrous oxide research programme

Targeting emissions of a potent and long-lived agricultural greenhouse gas

The NZAGRC’s nitrous oxide programme is developing effective and safe compounds that influence the rates of nitrification and denitrification, and identifying and testing different forage plants that can reduce emissions.

Nitrification inhibitors

2.2a NZ dairy cows

NZAGRC-funded research has identified a novel nitrification inhibitor that has demonstrated efficacy in trials under New Zealand conditions and standards.

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Low-emitting plants

2.2b Measuring N2O emissions

Research has shown that some plant species can affect the amount of nitrogen excreted by grazing animals, and/or influence the soil microbial processes that result in nitrous oxide emissions. A review is underway to inform this aspect of the NZAGRC programme.

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The science of nitrous oxide

2.2c N2O experiments in field

Where does nitrous oxide come from, how can it be measured, and why must emissions be addressed if New Zealand is to achieve its greenhouse gas emissions-reduction targets?

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