Rural professionals' seminars

Climate change training for rural professionals is a core part of the NZAGRC's outreach programme, designed to increase understanding of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand and what can be done at the farm level. 

About the programme

Rural professionals are an important, trusted source of information and advice for farmers and growers. They have a critical role to play in supporting farmers to understand and manage their agricultural greenhouse gas emissions as the sector moves to meet its climate change commitments.

Since 2019, the NZAGRC, in partnership with the New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management (NZIPIM) and Phil Journeaux, an agricultural economist with AgFirst, has been running a climate change training programme for rural professionals. More than 700 people have now attended more than 40 events in that time.

Two types of training are offered: climate change seminars and advanced modelling workshops. For upcoming dates, please see the NZIPIM events page

Climate change seminars

These free, one-day seminars offer practical, science-based information aimed at helping rural professionals start a constructive conversation with farmers about agriculture and climate change.

Dr Sinead Leahy, presenting to a room of rural professionals at a seminar in Whanganui

Dr Sinead Leahy (NZAGRC) presenting the science at a climate change seminar for rural professionals in Whanganui, December 2020.

They explain the science behind agricultural greenhouse gases, soil carbon and forestry sequestration, summarise relevant policies and emission reduction options, and share results from modelling that looks at both the financial and environmental impacts of various farm system changes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Content is delivered by Dr Sinead Leahy, from the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre (NZAGRC) and Phil Journeaux, an agricultural economist with AgFirst. Attendees also take home a copy of this handy reference book

Advanced training workshops

These free, one-day workshops are targeted at farm consultants with previous experience in either Farmax or Overseer (preferably both). The training equips participants with modelling skills to estimate on-farm greenhouse gas emissions and assess the impact of different mitigation options on both emissions and farm profitability.

Participants work in pairs to model mitigation scenarios on a base farm. Participants also receive an update on the latest Government policy and industry action to address agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.