Facts & Figures

The NZAGRC produces, in collaboration with the PGgRc, a series of factsheets titled: Reducing New Zealand's agricultural greenhouse gases.

This series covers a variety of topics and levels of information - some are specific to technologies and practices currently available (or in development via our research programme), or specific policy information, and others are designed to provide a summary of overview of what New Zealand is doing to reduces its emissions.

Reducing our agricultural GHG emissions: How we are getting there

Reducing New Zealand's agricultural greenhouse gas emissions without sacrificing production gains is what we are working to achieve through the NZAGRC-PGgRc science programme. 

Find out more about New Zealand's agricultural GHG emissions instensity profile and what we need to do to ensure we can achieve economic growth targets, meet our international commitments and decrease our total agricultural GHG emissions in the next few years.

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