How do we make sure reduction options work on farms?

Farms are complex operations, and changes in one part of the system can affect production and emissions in other parts.

It is crucial to understand how individual options to reduce emissions fit into the overall farm system and farming practice: their impact on farm profitability and production, their implications for other environmental and social goals, and not least whether they are consistent with how farming in New Zealand is seen and marketed overseas.

Many good practice options are already an integral part of New Zealand farming. Read more

New approaches will need to undergo careful testing and evaluation to ensure they can be used and will be viable for New Zealand farming systems and meet market requirements. Read more

The NZAGRC and PGgRc have partnered with industry to identify and demonstrate the greenhouse gas impacts of current and potential future farming practices, and to show how the results of the various research streams can be brought together into integrated systems on the farm. Read more 

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