The NZAGRC receives dedicated funding from MPI ($4.85m per annum over six years, commencing 1 July 2019) and MBIE’s Strategic Science Investment Fund ($4.85m per annum over four years, commencing 1 July 2019).

The funding is divided into six high level ‘baskets’ with indicative investment levels, as shown below. These refer to average investment per annum over the first four years of the jointly funded MBIE/MPI programme of work. All values are in New Zealand dollars and exclude GST.

NZAGRC funding baskets


Value per annum

Start date

Domestic science programme

The NZAGRC, in collaboration with the PGgRc, funds a well-prioritised domestic science programme with clear pathways to implementation. The Government’s GRA investment also supports many elements of the domestic programme. Continued funding for targeted elements of the existing programme supplemented by new initiatives that show most promise will be the focus for 2019-2025.



Iwi/Māori workstream

This workstream will focus on partnering with Iwi/Māori enterprises to support their progress towards lower emissions and greater resilience and profitability. It will emphasise improving knowledge of climate change issues amongst Iwi/Māori agribusinesses and the co-development of innovative land use change options including production systems and new products designed to meet resource constraints.



Competitive funding

The NZAGRC Innovation Fund has been established to ensure that the NZAGRC programme remains innovative, vibrant and relevant, harnessing new ideas from a wide range of scientists.



Capital investment

Excellent science needs to be underpinned by state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. Without additional spending in this area, achievement of the NZAGRC’s goals will be constrained, particularly with methane measurement facilities for cattle.

$0.75m (MPI funds)


Outreach and policy support

The NZAGRC programme will include a dedicated fund to help ensure that information arising from domestic and international research and implemented Government policy is supported and communicated effectively to relevant stakeholders.







$9.7m pa




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