From 1 July 2020, the NZAGRC’s governance structure is changing. Membership of a new Governance Group and Advisory Groups will be finalised over coming weeks and published on this website once available.

Governance Group

The NZAGRC was set up in 2009 as a partnership of nine New Zealand research organisations, with the Crown Research Institute, AgResearch, acting as the ‘host’. This meant that the AgResearch Board and Chief Executive held legal responsibility for the performance of the NZAGRC. Between 2009 and 2020, responsibility for running the NZAGRC was devolved to an NZAGRC Steering Group, comprising an appointed representative from each of the member organisations, and Government observers.

The NZAGRC’s most recent independent review (December 2018) recommended a more independent, skills-based Governance Group. This recommendation has been adopted.

From 1 July 2020, AgResearch will continue to be the legal host of the NZAGRC and devolve responsibility to the NZAGRC for day-to-day operation and decision making. However, a new governance structure will be implemented. The Governance Group will comprise:

  • An Independent Chair (appointed by AgResearch, MPI and MBIE after a public recruitment process)
  • An AgResearch representative (Research Director of AgResearch),
  • An Independent member with Government experience/industry knowledge (appointed by AgResearch, MPI and MBIE after a public recruitment process)
  • A Stakeholder Advisory Group representative
  • A Science Programme Advisory Group representative
  • Observers from MBIE, MPI, the PGgRc and the Māori Advisory Group.

The Governance Group will be responsible for implementing the NZAGRC’s new governance structure, setting strategic direction and priorities, developing board policies and expectations for management, identifying and managing risks, and monitoring and evaluating the performance of the organisation. The Group will help ensure the NZAGRC’s relevance to, and delivery of impact for, the primary sector and New Zealand. It will meet quarterly and will receive regular advice from Science, Stakeholder and Māori Advisory Groups, as well as periodic advice from an independent Science Review Panel.    

See the Advisory Groups page for more information on these groups. You can also read more in the NZAGRC’s 2019-2020 Business Plan.