Inhibitor (partnered with PGgRc)

Aim: Produce a cost-effective inhibitor that reduces ruminant methane emissions by more than 20%

What does success look like?

Inhibitor is a practical cost-effective mitigation option

How will we get there?

  1. Proof of concept that target compound reduces emissions in sheep
  2. Confirm the impact and productivity effects
  3. Deliver inhibitor to New Zealand market

What input is needed?

Science is needed to develop fundamental science through proof of concept and refinement of final product with commercial partner. 

Commercial input it needed to deliver a vaccine to New Zealand and international markets.

What's the timeline? 



 Lead research organisation

AgResearch Limited

Latest progress

"LEAD INHIBITOR COMPOUNDS WARRANT FURTHER DEVELOPMENT: The inhibitor programme conducted seven animal trials this year. These tested the effects of 9 different compounds to reduce methane emissions. These were conducted in 2 day sheep trials, 16 day sheep trials, and/or 2 day trials in cattle. Eight of these compounds resulted in methane inhibition, and four inhibitor classes have been selected for further development and investigation. These classes need to be shown to be highly potent and have the potential for market acceptability for them to progress further."

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