Integrated Systems

During 2017/18 new work plans have been developed for both the sheep and beef and dairy components of the Integrated Farm Systems research programme out to mid 2019.

These have been co-developed with significant input from Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) and DairyNZ respectively to ensure alignment with relevant industry investment, initiatives and extension programmes. Work is now underway on the research outlined below.

Principal Investigator

Dr Robyn Dynes, AgResearch 

Current progress and research stories

1615 Robyn Dynes, Principal Scientist (AgResearch)

Following on from earlier conclusions that we shouldn't look at different aspects of a system in isolation, Robyn outlined her team's plans for studying the "business unit of New Zealand farming" - the whole farm.

The programme will build onto existing initiatives in the dairy and sheep and beef sectors to understand the impact of current practices on emissions intensity and to identify the win:wins.

A lot of modelling has been done in the past and now is the time to translate this into on-farm measurement and dialogue with the farmers involved. Previous work has demonstrated that there are some farmers that have significantly lower GHG emissions intensities (and sometimes even absolute emissions) than others.

The efficient farms also tend to have higher profit margins.

The challenge is to see whether theory and practice align, and if not, why not? The team has just started taking measurements, is enthusiastic about the new programme and looks forward to sharing its findings in the future.

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