Integrated Systems

During 2017/18 new work plans have been developed for both the sheep and beef and dairy components of the Integrated Farm Systems research programme out to mid 2019.

These have been co-developed with significant input from Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) and DairyNZ respectively to ensure alignment with relevant industry investment, initiatives and extension programmes. Work is now underway on the research outlined below.

Principal Investigator

Dr Robyn Dynes, AgResearch 

Current progress and research stories

Sensitivity of the carbon footprint of New Zealand milk to greenhouse gas metrics

Reisinger, A., Ledgard, S.F., Falconer, S.J. 2017. Sensitivity of the carbon footprint of New Zealand milk to greenhouse gas
metrics. Ecological Indicators 81, 74–82.


  • The carbon footprint of milk depends on the choice of GHG metric.
  • GHG metrics that emphasise long-lived gases tend to favour low-input systems.
  • Differences in footprint among farms are greater if long-lived gases are emphasised.
  • Ranking is robust for most farms but differences are significant in some instances.
  • Transparency in the choice of GHG metrics would support more robust policy outcomes.

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