The NZAGRC is committed to providing information regarding agricultural greenhouse gases research and overview information.

Below are a list of publications and reports from a variety of sources that may be useful if you're interested in agricultural greenhouse gases. They range from information for those who have a general interest in greenhouse gas mitigation options and technologies through to very specific science papers on the various gases, technologies and mitigation solutions.

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Animal Selection, Genetics and Genomics Whitepaper

Following the May 2011 Workshop in Auckland, New Zealand; a White Paper was prepared for the New Zealand Government, whcih discussed how a network of scientists working in the area of Animal Selection, Genetics and Genomics, might progress the management of enteric methane emissions from grazing livestock.

This ‘white paper’ identified an opportunity for NZ to contribute significantly to reducing methane (CH4) emissions and emissions intensity (per unit product) in both cattle and sheep by capitalising on animal to animal genetic variation.

A workshop, commissioned by the New Zealand Government to support the goals and objectives of the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA), was held in Auckland in May 2011.  Key international researchers met and discussed “a network on animal breeding approaches to reduce methane emissions”.

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