Urine patch location & treatment

Aim: to optimise and undertake on-farm testing of the Spikey® prototype.

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Latest update

"NEW TECHNOLOGY TO LOCATE AND TREAT URINE PATCHES TESTED: The investigative work on Spikey® , a technology to locate and treat urine patches within a paddock shortly after grazing, has clearly demonstrated its efficacy. The study tested the technology in six soils and under both irrigated and non-irrigated conditions.

The collated data base of conductivity readings will be used as a reference data source for the on-going development of the urine patch identification algorithms. A hand-held version of Spikey® has since been developed and will be used in a new project to test the efficacy of targeted application of nitrogen transformation inhibitors (urease and nitrification) and gibberellic acid for reducing ammonia and N2O emissions and leaching losses of N from cattle urine. This study will also assess the effect of these treatments applied beyond the detectable urine patch to cover the edge effect."

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