NZAGRC welcomes stocktake of New Zealand's action on climate change

Friday, 23 September 2016

The NZAGRC supports the New Zealand government’s commitment to progress action on climate change, summarised yesterday in the Ministry for the Environment’s stocktake document: “New Zealand’s Action on Climate Change”.

Andy Reisinger, NZAGRC Deputy Director, says “it is excellent to see an overview of the climate change challenges and actions specific to New Zealand. This document shows the many ways in which New Zealand is currently addressing the challenges posed by climate change and it’s good to see recognition that we can do more and will do more to make the most of our unique opportunity.”

The agricultural industry in New Zealand can play a unique role in New Zealand’s action on climate change. Almost half New Zealand’s emissions come from agriculture, but so does much of our national income. As highlighted in the document, there is significant effort already going on to reduce emissions whilst maintaining industry growth and prosperity.

In particular, the NZAGRC, in close partnership with the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium is working with the farming sector on finding ways to reduce biological emissions from agriculture. Andy Reisinger says “The NZAGRC plays a significant and active role in researching greenhouse gas reduction solutions that will work for our farming sector. We’re also driving international efforts through our research collaborations via the Global Research Alliance’s Livestock Research Group.“

“The NZAGRC looks forward to supporting the strengthened climate change actions highlighted in this document, including through the establishment of a new expert group to support New Zealand’s efforts to address climate change in agriculture.”



Andy Reisinger, NZAGRC Deputy Director

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About the NZAGRC

The New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse gas Research Centre is a partnership between the leading New Zealand research providers working in the agricultural greenhouse gas area and the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium (PGgRc) working on development of efficient, cost effective farm solutions through the reduction of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions. 

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