Is a global deal on climate change finally within reach?

Insight for 15 November 2015 - Climate Summit - Talkfest or Opportunity? | Insight | RNZ

After years of halting progress, this year's United Nations Climate Change Conference looks set to finally nail down a global deal to combat rising temperatures. But if it fails, will the UN framework take a back seat to a raft of agreements between individual nations?


Insight for 15 November 2015 - Climate Summit - Talkfest or Opportunity? | Insight | RNZ

The deputy director of the New Zealand agricultural greenhouse gas research centre, Andy Reisinger, said while it was important to have a target, it was not known whether there was a dramatic change in the consequences of climate change between 1.9 and 2.2°.

"Two degrees is often presented as a threshold, but there is no singular threshold that is located at 2° that you can identify scientifically, it's much more a political target.

"A politically set target of 2° is really important to provide a benchmark for providing mitigation objectives, but in a way, thankfully, there is nothing that says the world is fine at 1.9° but goes to hell in a handbasket at 2.1°.

"But it is also important to recognise that the world isn't fine at 1.9° - there's a lot of damages that we're seeing already that that will escalate further."

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