Future Food Security in a Warming Planet

Insight for 3 August 2014 - Future Food Security | Insight | RNZ

Super Typhoons and record temperatures hog the global warming headlines, but weather changes are also threatening the ability of farmers to grow food.

Specialists from plant breeders, to human rights advocates to climate scientists all told Radio New Zealand's Insight the ability to have secure and reliable food production will deteriorate as the planet heats up.


Insight for 3 August 2014 - Future Food Security | Insight | RNZ

But its not just the Pacific where agriculture is being affected, the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's report sounded a warning for key crops like wheat and maize.

A contributing author Dr Andy Reisinger says yields are dropping below what they could have been were it not for climate change.

He says gains in wheat and maize yields are now slowing, while the population soars with 200,000 more people on Earth everyday and those in developing countries are the worst affected.

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