Andy Reisinger appointed to IPCC Bureau

Dr Andy Reisinger, Deputy Director (International) has been appointed as a member of the IPCC Bureau to provide guidance to the 195 country governments represented in the IPCC on scientific aspects and process for delivering a sixth assessment report (AR6) and a series of Special Reports over the next 7 years.

This appointment is the natural next step for Andy, who has been heavily involved in the IPCC since his appointment as New Zealand government representative to the Panel in 2000.  Andy stepped away from this role in 2006 when he headed the Technical Support Unit (TSU) for AR4 Synthesis Report, a position that took him to the UK and India (New Delhi) for two years. The IPCC was the recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

In the most recent assessment report (AR5), released in 2014, Andy coordinated the IPCC chapter on impacts and adaptation options for Australasia, co-authored the Summary for Policymakers for the full WGII report on impacts and adaptation, and coordinated a major part of the concluding Synthesis Report. All IPCC reports are available at

In his Bureau appointment, Andy will represent Region 5 (South-west Pacific) and Working Group 3: Mitigation (WGIII) for the duration of the AR6 and associated Special Reports, expected to take 5-7 years.  Tasks will include supporting the Panel, IPCC Chair and co-chairs of WGIII to deliver its AR6 by providing scientific advice on the scope of reports, nomination and selection of authors and other scientific and procedural advice.

Dr Harry Clark, NZAGRC Director notes that Andy’s involvement as representative for the region, which includes Asian rim and Pacific nations, is an accolade of Andy’s personal commitment and knowledge of greenhouse gases mitigation and adaptation research and policy. His continued involvement in the IPCC Assessment Reports provides a continuity of focus and commitment to increasing knowledge and awareness of the potential impacts of climate change.

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