COP21 Agricultural Events

Overview of thematic events including agriculture and forestry:

Tuesday 1 December

 The LPAA "Focus on Agriculture" (learn more) at COP21 aims to show that the transition to a climate-resilient and low-GHG agriculture is feasible and already underway by showcasing existing solutions. Parties, organisations, and businesses will announce concrete, ambitious, multi-stakeholder initiatives to be included in the LPAA Learn more

One of the highlights will be the launch of "4/1000 Initiative: Soils for Food Security and Climate" Learn more 

JRC and CEPI/ICFPA Event:"Assessing transparency and ambition in the land use sector" Learn more

Wednesday 2 December

Farmers Day Learn more

"Colombia's climate strategies: mitigation, adaptation, Amazon Vision and linkages with agriculture" Learn more

Friday 4 December

Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCP) Focus Day Learn more

Saturday 5 December and Sunday 6 December

Global Landscapes Forum Learn more

This includes:

"Shaping sustainable supply chains of the future: How to create links between smallholder farmers, companies sourcing raw materials, and the environment" Learn more

"Side event: From farmers' fields to landscapes: Food security in a new climate regime?" Learn more

Monday 7 December
"Metrics of progress towards net zero and the two degree goal: science for a safe climate" Learn more

Tuesday 8 December
CCAC High Level Assembly Learn more

Wednesday 9 December
"Agriculture in a Post-Kyoto Terrain" Learn more

Thursday 10 December
"Carbon sequestration and agriculture" Learn more

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