New look LEARN website launched

LEARN is a collaborative, international network to facilitate the development of practical and cost effective agricultural greenhouse gas mitigation solutions.

The Livestock Emissions & Abatement Research Network (LEARN) was established in November 2007 after the idea for an international research network focused on improving the understanding of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock agriculture was raised at the United Nations Climate Change meeting in Bonn (may 2007).

The objectives of the LEARN network is twofold:

  • to improve quantification of non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions from animal agriculture at all scales; and
  • facilitate the development of cost effective and practical greenhouse gas mitigation solutions.

LEARN aims to achieve these objectives through information sharing and the facilitation of discussion and face to face contact with researchers around the world. The network encourages mutually beneficial partnerships and active collaborations.

The formation of the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases in December 2009 further boosts the opportunities for research collaboration, information sharing, and facilitation of discussion and face-to-face contact with researchers around the world.

In line with its vision for LEARN, the New Zealand Government in support of the goals and objectives of the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases will provide training opportunities for emerging scientists from developing countries in New Zealand institutions to enable them to acquire skills in new/unfamiliar techniques and methods in livestock greenhouse gas emissions mitigation.


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