State of Science webinar: Takahuri Whenua

Published: February 2, 2022

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Details of the NZAGRC State of Science webinar that took place on Friday 25 February 2022. 

Takahuri Whenua webinar Q & A [PDF, 276 KB]

Māori are significant contributors to the primary sector. Around 5.7% of Aotearoa is in Māori ownership, most of which is Māori freehold land - governed by collective structures and passed down from generation to generation. 

Since 2015, the NZAGRC has had a Māori research programme, supporting individual Māori-owned farms to understand and manage their agricultural greenhouse gas emissions. 

The programme has entered a new phase with the launch of Takahuri Whenua - a major project partnering with three Māori Collectives to support their ambitions to achieve a high-value, low-emissions bioeconomy within their tribal rohe. 

Takahuri Whenua will see the development of a framework that will help Collectives explore options for reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions across multiple land-holdings, while meeting the expectations of their extensive landowner communities. As part of this, farm system and land use change (forestry and/or horticulture) options for 18 case study farms (six for each Collective) will be modelled.

In this State of Science webinar, the Takahuri Whenua project leaders, Tanira Kingi and Phil Journeaux, introduced the project, its history and context, the modelling work and other key activities taking place prior to its completion in June 2023. 

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Published: February 2, 2022