Nitrous Oxide

Current research programme

The current focus of the NZAGRC’s nitrous oxide (N2O) research programme is on measuring the effects pasture plants and pasture plant communities have on nitrous oxide emissions.

This work is closely aligned to the MBIE P21 and Forages for Nitrate Leaching programmes (FRNL). In addition, an investigative project on a technology to locate and treat urine patches was completed in 2015/16.

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Principal investigators

Dr Cecile de Klein, AgResearch
Professor Hong Di, Lincoln University

Research Stories

What about biochar?

There is good evidence that biochar (organic matter carbonised under controlled conditions) represents a very stable form of carbon, so it could be used to store more carbon in soils. Research has indicated that specific biochars could also help reduce nitrous oxide emissions although the specific mechanisms are not yet clear; other potential benefits for improving soil functions and reducing emissions from pastures are also being tested. However, the main challenge at present to any widespread use of biochar in a pastoral system remains its cost, which makes this strategy not yet economically feasible for NZ farmers.

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