Nitrous Oxide

Current research programme

The current focus of the NZAGRC’s nitrous oxide (N2O) research programme is on measuring the effects pasture plants and pasture plant communities have on nitrous oxide emissions.

This work is closely aligned to the MBIE P21 and Forages for Nitrate Leaching programmes (FRNL). In addition, an investigative project on a technology to locate and treat urine patches was completed in 2015/16.

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Principal investigators

Dr Cecile de Klein, AgResearch
Professor Hong Di, Lincoln University

Research Stories

Positive results for novel nitrous oxide inhibitors

An initial study to determine the impact of a novel inhibitor was conducted in 2017/18. After 36 days urine from treated animals had 50% lower nitrous oxide emissions than untreated animals. This work will be expanded in 2018/19.

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