A variety of industry and private backing is provided to the New Zealand GHG emissions mitigation research effort. The industry provides significant funding in partnership with government via the PGgRc (see PGgRc) to further enteric methane mitigation research. A far greater proportion of industry funding is provided to increase the productivity and efficiency of the New Zealand farming industry. The emissions reductions brought about by these efficiency gains are a co-benefit of these intensive research programmes.

The requirement for increased productivity and efficiency is mainly driven by the need for New Zealand farmers to remain economically viable in a global market, but domestic and international expectations around improved environmental practices, in particular water quality form part of the decisions.

Given the mix of private and commercial investment in productivity and efficiency it is difficult to estimate the total investment. However, conservative estimates are that more than $50 million per year is invested into this type of research from both private and government sources, which is significantly more than direct GHG mitigation research funding.

For a summary of how New Zealand farms having become more efficient, and the direct impact on New Zealand’s emissions, see the NZAGRC-PGgRc factsheet: Reducing New Zealand’s agricultural greenhouse gas emissions: How we are getting there

Quick Facts

Organisation/Programme Industry

Various (including government partnerships)

How funds are distributed

Negotiated & competitive

Funding scope
  • Productivity
  • Nitrogen leaching
  • Nitrogen efficiency
How funding decisions are made


How priorities are set

Dependent on research interests. Efficiency and production are key concerns, with GHG reductions as co-benefit of efficiency/ productivity gains

Funding 2000-2020
($m approx.)

Funding from industry and government in support of industry objectives significantly exceeds $50m per year

Key linkages between funding streams
  • Industry input into PGgRc as a co-funder
  • Advisors to various other funds


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