The New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre is funded by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) via its Primary Growth Partnership fund and is a partnership (non-financial) of nine New Zealand research organisations: AgResearch, DairyNZ, Landcare Research, Lincoln University, Massey University, NIWA, PGgRc, Plant & Food Research, Scion.

The NZAGRC investment is $4.8 million per year and is dedicated to developing agricultural emissions reducing technologies and practices across the full suite of GHGs generated by agriculture, encompassing methane from both enteric fermentation and manure management, nitrous oxide from agricultural soils, and the management of soil carbon. It also works to co-ordinate New Zealand’s It also works to co-ordinate New Zealand’s research into agricultural GHG emissions mitigation and be a key authoritative source of technical advice and support on agricultural GHG emissions and soil carbon sinks.

Apart from focusing on developing new solutions, the NZAGRC also devotes  significant effort to capability building of young scientists at postgraduate (Honours, Masters and PhD) and postdoctoral levels to ensure the on-going capacity of the New Zealand research community to deliver against these challenges.

The NZAGRC leads New Zealand’s science input into the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, which is New Zealand’s main way of fostering  international collaboration and helping build capacity in other countries to tackle their own GHG emissions.

Quick Facts

Organisation/Programme NZAGRC
Funder MPI (PGP fund)
How funds are distributed Negotiated
Funding scope Methane, nitous oxide, soil carbon and farm systems
How funding decisions are made

Director recommends to NZAGRC Steering Group

How priorities are set

Signalled in 5 year science plan

Funding 2000-2020
($m approx.)

2009-2019: $48.5m

Key linkages between funding streams
  • PGgRc and NZAGRC co-invest in methane programme
  • NZAGRC Director observer on PGgRc Board
  • PGgRc Manager sits on NZAGRC Steering Group
  • NZAGRC Director sits on SLMACC advisory group
  • PGgRc leads commercialisation of work on behalf of PGgRc and MPI investment
  • NZAGRC Director and Deputy Director provide advice for SLMACC, Inventory and GRA.


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