The Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium (PGgRc) is a consortium of agricultural industry organisations that invest their funds and levies to develop mitigation solutions through research, in partnership with the New Zealand Government.

The currently PGgRc invests $5.4 million annually via a 50/50 funding partnership with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The research funded through the PGgRc has been largely dedicated to technologies that reduce ruminant methane production through enteric fermentation but previously has also invested in nitrous oxide research. The PGgRc aims to deliver knowledge and economically viable mitigation practices or products that will help New Zealand farmers manage GHG emissions, while increasing productivity.

The PGgRc leads the commercialisation of the methane vaccine and inhibitor mitigations through an agreement with the New Zealand Government via MPI assigning them intellectual property, and requiring them to act in both parties interests.

The PGgRc is funded in partnership with MBIE by:

and has the following non-contributing participants:

  • Fertiliser Association
  • PGG Wrightson
  • Landcorp Farming

Quick Facts

Organisation/Programme PGgRc
 Funder Industry / MBIE
How funds are distributed Negotiated
Funding scope Methane, Nitous oxide 
How funding decisions are made PGgRc Board decision guided by General Manager’s recommendation
How priorities are set Developed and signaled in 7 year plan, which is

reviewed throughout by independent science and commercial advisory panels

Funding 2000-2020
($m approx.)

2004-2012: $37m

2013-2019: $37.8m

(funded 50/50 by industry/government)

Key linkages between funding streams
  • PGgRc and NZAGRC co-invest in methane programme
  • PGgRc bids into SLMACC on a 1:1 co-funded basis
  • NZAGRC Director observer on PGgRc Board
  • PGgRc Manager sits on NZAGRC Steering Group
  • PGgRc Manager sits on SLMACC advisory group
  • PGgRc leads commercialisation of work on behalf of PGgRc and MPI investment


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