The Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change Research Programme was formed in 2007 after the announcement of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme to help the agriculture and forestry sectors understand and reolve the challenges arising from climate change.

The SLMACC Research Programme is a policy needs driven fund, investing in targeted basic, applied and policy research, including the impacts of climate change and adaptation to climate change, mitigation of agricultural and forestry GHG emissions, crosscutting issues, including economic analysis, life-cycle analysis, farm, catchment and systems analysis and social impacts, and policy research to address targeted policy questions.

Apart from addressing direct policy-relevant questions, this fund is often used to test the feasibility of new areas of mitigation research that show potential. Promising results are then funded and progressed by other means, such as through the NZAGRC/PGgRc or Global Research Alliance.

In 2018/19 and 2019/20, the NZAGRC received a series of SLMACC contracts (totalling $1.17m) to develop, test and deliver resources to help farmers and growers better understand climate change and agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and ways to reduce them. This included training for rural professionals, the production of videos and written material for  – a dedicated agriculture and climate change website – articles in Farmers Weekly, and analysis of farmer needs for greenhouse gas tools.

Quick Facts



Funder MPI
How funds are distributed


Funding scope
  • methane
  • nitrous oxide
  • soil carbon
  • cross cutting
  • models
  • social science
How funding decisions are made  External advisory panel recommends to MPI DG
How priorities are set

Annually by officials advised by experts and MPI staff

Funding 2000-2020
($m approx.)

Varying. Currently $2.5m per year

Key linkages between funding streams
  • NZAGRC and PGgRc input
  • GHG projects need to align with PGgRc and NZAGRC strategies


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