Members & Partners


The NZAGRC has nine members representing research, development, education and industry. Each member brings a unique perspective to the NZAGRC through its science capability, research leadership, research facilities and/or collaborative opportunities.

Each member provides one representative to the NZAGRC Steering Group (SG) 

Click on a member to read more about their contribution to the NZAGRC since 2010:

Landcare Research
Lincoln University
Massey University
Plant & Food Research

Research partners

Since 2014 the NZAGRC and PGgRc have had a single research programme and contracting mechanism for research into enteric methane to reduce administration costs and eliminate any risk of duplication while allowing the most focused investment in priority areas. Read more

The NZAGRC maintains links to a number of other research programmes and organisations. Read more

The NZAGRC is contracted to deliver support for a Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations project titled: "Component to reduce methane emissions from enteric fermentation, Phase 1". Read more

The University of Waikato manages one of three NZAGRC Student Scholarship schemes (the others are managed by Massey and Lincoln universities) and has links back to the NZAGRC science programme. Read more