PGgRc is a research consortium that aims to decrease total agricultural emissions of greenhouse gases by 10% per unit of output in 2013 relative to 2004. PGgRc has formed excellent links between the agriculture sector and GHG mitigation research.

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Reducing NZ's agricultural GHGs: Methane Inhibitors

This publication provides an overview of how we may be able to use compounds that suppress an animal's methanogen population effectively without causing unwanted side effects in their health, welfare or production. It covers some of the commonly asked questions regarding sources of methane, enteric methane formation, the role of methanogens, what the NZAGRC and PGgRc research programme on methane inhibitors is investigating and, importantly, the timeline for an inhibitor's commercial availability.

pdf NZAGRC-PGgRc_FS_Methane Inhibitors.pdf.pdf (1.39MB)

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