Methane yield phenotypes linked to differential gene expression in the sheep rumen microbiome


Genome Research, Volume 24, Issue 9, 1517-1525, 2014


Shi, W., Moon, C.D., Leahy, S.C., Kang, D.a,b, Froula, J.a,b, Kittelmann, S.c, Fan, C.a,b, Deutsch, S.a,b, Gagic, D.c, Seedorf, H.c, Kelly, W.J.c, Atua, R.c, Sang, C.c, Soni, P.c, Li, D.c, Pinares-Patiño, C.S.c, McEwan, J.C.c, Janssen, P.H.c, Chen, F.a,b, Visel, A.a,b,d, Wang, Z.a,b,d, Attwood, G.T.c, Rubin, E.M.