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Our next State of Science webinar will be in April 2021. More details coming soon.

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Presenters: Dr Lorna McNaughton (LIC) and Dr Suzanne Rowe (AgResearch)

Chair: Dr Jeremy Hill, Chief Science and Technology Officer, Fonterra (and member of the NZAGRC Governance Group)

In this webinar, Lorna McNaughton from LIC (Livestock Improvement Corporation) and Suzanne Rowe from AgResearch discussed their NZAGRC-funded work to develop a breeding programme for low-emitting dairy cattle. Lorna spoke about the development of a new programme to measure methane in young bulls at LIC and CRV – animals that will parent the next generation of dairy cattle in New Zealand. Suzanne talked about transferring technology developed for sheep to help overcome the challenges involved with measuring methane and genetic variation in large numbers of animals.

View the recorded webinar here:

Download the PowerPoint presentations that accompanied this webinar:

pdf Low-methane bulls_LIC presentation (5.10MB)

pdf Breeding low-emitting ruminants_AgResearch... (3.53MB)

Download a summary of questions and answers from the webinar:

pdf Breeding low-emitting livestock webinar - Q&A (0.35MB)



State of Science 1

Presenters: Dr Mike Beare and Dr Sam McNally, Plant & Food Research

Chair: Dr Sinead Leahy, NZAGRC Deputy Director (Domestic)

In this webinar, Dr Mike Beare and Dr Sam McNally from Plant & Food Research discuss their work to verify the soil carbon stabilisation capacity achievable in a range of New Zealand grassland soils. They explain how they have applied knowledge of the factors that regulate soil carbon stabilisation to produce a first-generation farm-scale map showing the soil carbon sequestration potential and vulnerability to soil carbon loss on one New Zealand farm.

Download the PowerPoint presentation that accompanied this webinar:

pdf Soil carbon stabilisation capacity of NZ... (2.10MB)

Download a summary of questions and answers from the webinar:

pdf Soil carbon stablisation webinar Q&A (0.25MB)

View a video of the full webinar: