NZAGRC Strategic Documents 2019-2025

The 2019-2025 NZAGRC Strategic Plan, Science Plan and Business Plan set the goals and direction for NZAGRC's work over the next six years in support of New Zealand's climate change mitigation efforts. They describe NZAGRC's funding and governance structures, and outline NZAGRC-funded research programmes. The three documents should be read in conjuntion with each other. 

Each document will be reviewed at intervals during the validity period, to ensure it remains closely aligned to the New Zealand Government's climate change mitigation priorities.

These plans replace previously prepared strategic documents covering the period 2010-2019.

NZAGRC Strategic Plan 2019-2025

pdf NZAGRC Strategic Plan 2019-2025 (1.09MB)

NZAGRC Business Plan 2019-2025

pdf NZAGRC Business Plan 2019-2025 (0.86MB)

NZAGRC Science Plan 2019-2025

pdf NZAGRC Science Plan 2019-2025 (0.47MB)