The NZAGRC is a core component of the New Zealand Government's approach to reducing greenhouse gases in agriculture.

The New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre (NZAGRC) was opened by Prime Minister, The Right Hon. John Key on 3 March 2010. The NZAGRC is a partnership between the leading New Zealand research providers working in the agricultural greenhouse gas area and the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium (PGgRc).  The NZAGRC is a "virtual" Centre and the research that it funds is carried out by researchers working in their own organisations. The NZAGRC is physically located on the AgResearch Grasslands Campus in Palmerston North. 

The NZAGRC was created to build on existing research, working with existing organisations to create an effective, trusted partnership to bring cost-effective, simple solutions to New Zealand farms, and contribute world leading results to the international science community.

This diagram summaries the NZAGRC: a multi-faceted, international team working looking for ways that New Zealand can continue to meet its international GHG emissions reduction obligations without reducing agricultural output.  



'To provide knowledge, technologies and practices which grow agriculture's ability to create wealth for New Zealand in a carbon-constrained world"


'To be an internationally renowned centre for research and development into agricultural greenhouse gas mitigation solutions'